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Winter hibernation over

Posted on Mar 14, 2012 | 0 comments

Winter hibernation over

During the last few months OppositeOcean has been dormant. A pattern that I’ve noticed about myself during the last few years of my life is that winter often leaves me uninspired.

While I underwent a winter hibernation concerning blogging, many other things changed in my life. I also suffered what I will refer to as an academic coma as a result of trying to complete 5 levels of Dutch courses. Yesterday I received the fantastic news that I passed the ITNA exam, which is the final exam for level 5. Although I still don’t feel that confident with my ability to verbalize my thoughts in Dutch, it’s so very nice to be able to read Belgian news or be able to finally enjoy watching TV in Dutch. I am glad that the courses are achter de rug (literally ‘behind the back’  – over).

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