6 seconds of Saturday in Ghent

Posted on Jul 10, 2013 | 0 comments

On Saturday we into the city during the afternoon. We needed something from one of the shops in the city center and the afternoon was sunny so we decided to go on our bikes. After we had done our shopping, we couldn’t resist walking around the city a bit since the weather was just so nice. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out Vine for the first time so I made this little Vine video for Flanders in 6. I introduced Flanders in 6 in a previous post (you can read that here) but hadn’t had the time to try it out myself then. Hope you enjoy these 6 seconds of our Saturday afternoon. I’m not too skilled yet with the Vine videos (I apologize for the quick and/or shaky movements) but hopefully I will improve  in the future.

First you see the activity in the square near Sint-Baafskathedral (St. Bavo’s cathedral). The horses are often parked here so tourists can hop on and be carted around the city for a while. I’m a local now but I think I might make an exception and convert to a tourist for an afternoon just to let these beautiful horses pull me around – I love them! Next you see the pigeons, ever present in the city. Finally you have a view of the stadshal (city pavillion) followed by a quick sweep up the back of Sint-Niklaaskerk (St. Nicholas’ church).


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