Getaway in France

Posted on Jul 7, 2013 | 4 comments

We just returned from a week in Menton in the south of France. It was a beautiful place to relax and get away from all the responsibility in Belgium. We spent hours exploring the old city, soaking up the sun on the beach, and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. I tried to capture it all with the camera and I’ve compiled some of my favorites to share here.


There was a beautiful old cemetery at the top of the old city which allowed for the very best views of the shoreline.


The panorama almost captures just how beautiful the view was. We enjoyed it from a bench in the shade for quite a while. It was a serene spot, almost completely deserted except for the few other tourists that let their curiosity take them to the top.


The city was beautiful by day or by night and by any vantage point. Everywhere you looked there was something special to see.

It was nice to get away, acquire a hint of a suntan, and leave the books behind for a little while, but now it’s back to life as we know it.

Like these photos? Want to see more like them? —> leahbudke on Instagram

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  • Sara Louise

    I’m so happy you enjoyed your time down here! Your photos captured the beauty perfectly :)

    • Leah@OppositeOcean

      I’m glad you liked the photos, Sara! :) I had a lot of fun trying to capture just how beautiful it was.

  • Sarah R

    Gorgeous photos Leah! I’m glad you were able to take in some sights and sun. :)

    • Leah@OppositeOcean

      Thanks, Sarah! :)