Posted on Aug 6, 2013 | 8 comments

I bring you this very quick message to announce that OppositeOcean will be very quiet in the coming weeks. I’m taking a little hiatus from the blog to focus on studying. I’m really enjoying reading all the comments and messages that you all have been leaving recently. It’s wonderful to know that my stories are reaching people and being enjoyed. I look forward to bringing you more after surviving yet one more exam period. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


(Please kindly excuse any delays in responding to your comments and emails, I will get to them as soon as I can dedicate proper time to responding. Thank you for understanding.)

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  • http://bijgebrekaanbeter.blogspot.com/ Bij Gebrek Aan Beter

    Good luck with your resits! Ik brand een kaarsje voor je :)

  • geertd

    fingers crossed

  • http://www.sarainlepetitvillage.com/ Sara Louise

    Best of luck! See you when you get back to blogland :)

  • http://www.quintessentially-english.blogspot.com/ Erin @Quintessentially English

    Best of luck! Look forward to seeing you back in the blogosphere!

    Erin | Quintessentially English

  • http://www.morethanbeerandwaffles.wordpress.com/ M Isinvar

    Good luck with exams!

  • Charlotte

    Veel succes met je herexamens! :)

  • Ariane

    Congratulations…..I am sure you will or have passed.

  • http://www.oppositeocean.com/ Leah@OppositeOcean

    Thanks for all the wonderful support, guys! One down, three more to go! See you in a couple of weeks!