Oh relief, my flighty friend.

Posted on Sep 2, 2013 | 4 comments

Oh relief, my flighty friend.

Very happy to announce that my friend, relief, has once again made herself present in my life. She came sweeping in today as I finished my last exam. I’m sure she’ll vanish again soon enough but I’m going to certainly enjoy our time together while she sticks around.

Our first outing was a carefree walk down the Sint-Pietersniuewstraat to the city library. The sun was shining but the breeze made it cool enough to be perfectly comfortable. I returned an old book and checked out three more. As we were leaving the library we came across a delightful little impromptu piano concert. This is a new project in the city of Ghent called 123 Piano. The pianos will stay until the 28th of September and anyone can play them if they like. This lovely lady was giving us all a nice little concert this afternoon. In the background you can hear the fountain, but if you listen closely you can also hear her playing. It was nice to sit there for a few minutes enjoying the sun, the music, and my friend, relief.

I just want to say once more, thank you all for the lovely words of encouragement on my previous post Hiatus. I’m glad the exams are over for a little while and it was so nice to know that there were so many people wishing me luck! I’m sure every little bit of luck helped! Thanks friends!

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  • http://www.sarainlepetitvillage.com/ Sara Louise

    Congratulations on finishing your exams! :)

    • http://www.oppositeocean.com/ Leah@OppositeOcean

      Thanks, Sara! So happy to be done for a little while. Now I’m getting ready for some special American visitors in the next two weeks. :)

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  • Ariane

    Enjoy yourself Leah…..you deserve it! I was in Oostende today with hubby. We went to the seaside and I thought about you while passing through Gent.

  • http://www.therandomwritings.com/ Rachel G

    That’s such a good feeling when you’re finally done with all exams for the semester, and for a little while, you’re completely free!!!