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Signs of Life

Posted on Jan 20, 2013 | 0 comments


Mr. Dorian takes a break from attempting to catch snowflakes.

Although freedom is rather temporary at this point, the taste of it is still sweet. I finally have some time to let my brain rest and to publish my first blog post of 2013! I can’t say that I have any interesting stories that will bring a smile, any weird new Dutch words, or any other interesting event in particular to talk about. My last 30+ days were dedicated to a whole-hearted effort to pass the University courses I was taking this semester. The most that I can say about them is that (for the most part) they are over. I’ve learned that I seriously have to work on developing a better learning technique to deal with the whole ‘learning things in another language’ thing.

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5 Things to Eliminate Wintertime Woefulness

Posted on Dec 21, 2012 | 2 comments


grumpy catIf my second winter here has made anything clear about the relationship that Belgium and I have with each other, it is that she often does little to cheer me up during this time of year. The combination of gray and drizzly skies, permanently statically-charged hair, and an aching brain brimming with language and terminology combined with the stress of approaching exams in multiple languages has made me realize that during this time of year it is more important than ever to see the things I love about this place and to cling to them, allowing them to warm up my thoughts and inspire me to treat Belgium a little kinder until she starts to return the kind thoughts in spring.

Here are five things I can say that I appreciate about Belgium:

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